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JBL KARAOKE Loudspeaker

JBL KARAOKE Loudspeaker
10" powered subwoofer 150w. amplifier


  • The SUB10 performs like a pro, with technology developed by JBL?s Professional division.
  • Equipped with JBL?s tried-and-true PolyPlas woofer, this subwoofer delivers the low-frequency goods. Special effects in your favorite movies, assisted by the FreeFlow flared port, are loud and clear, without unwanted distortion or boominess.
  • A powerful amplifier backs up the 10-inch woofer with high-output. LFE- and line-level inputs provide maximum connection flexibility.
  • Convenient level and crossover-frequency controls and a phase switch let you tailor the SUB10?s performance to your room?s acoustics or your taste.


  • Amplifier Power (RMS) 150 Watts
  • Peak Dynamic Power 250 Watts
  • The Peak Dynamic Power is measured by recording the highest center-to-peak voltage measured across the output of a resistive load equal to minimum impedance of the transducer, using a 50Hz sine wave burst, 3 cycles on, 17 cycles off.
  • Low-Frequency Transducer 10" PolyPlas
  • Inputs Line-Level (switchable to LFE) and Speaker-Level, with five-way binding posts
  • Low-Pass Frequency Variable from 50Hz to 150Hz
  • Frequency Response 27Hz ? Low-pass crossover setting


(H x W x D) 17-3/4" x 12-1/4" x 15-3/4"

Weight 32.1 lb (14.6kg)

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