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HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

6N OFHC Solid Core High Speed 4K


+ Ensure 4K functionality in your Home Theater System

+ Purpose designed commercial grade

+ 100% HDMI Compliance ensures certifiable performance

+ IUS (IWatch Unified Shell) connector fit firmly into HDMI receptacle

+ Purest 24 AWG 6N OFHC Copper Solid Core conductors

+ Full HD 4096p @ 24 / 50 / 60Hz, 8 bits per channel color support on all lengths, up to 4096p on specified lengths.

+ No high heat injection molding as it can increase capacitance by compromising each core's outer jacket, effectively blending them all together.

+ Utilizes INCRECABLE M.O.S.P. (Megarate Optimized Soldering Process) termination, a fully automated process which increase transfer rate, most HDMI cables are hand soldered.

+ High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER ?ensures consistency which results in measurably BER (Bit Error Rate) through reduced JITTER.

+ Nitrogen Gas Injection Dieletric Foam PE minimizes data loss


+ RoHS Compliant

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