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JBL KARAOKE Loudspeaker

JBL KARAOKE Loudspeaker
ES-150 PCH/230 สีไม้ , ES-150 BLK/230 สีดำ


  • A wide frequency range means that your subwoofer can handle a wider range of sounds and tones with clarity.
  • Subwoofer has a frequency range between 27Hz and 150Hz; the best home theater subwoofers on our lineup can hit below 25Hz and above 180Hz.
  • Home subwoofer has fewer features than other powered subwoofers.
  • It does have rotary dials to control the volume level and crossover frequency, which you can set anywhere between 50Hz and 150Hz.
  • The JBL ES150P has a strong power output but the flimsy design will likely discourage you from pushing its limits.
  • The sub only has one set of terminals to connect it to your sound system.


  • Power Requirement:????????????AC 120V~60Hz2A
  • Amplifier Power (RMS):???????300W
  • Amplifier Power (Peak):???????500W
  • Crossover Frequencies:??????50Hz ? 150Hz; 24dB/octave, continuously variable
  • Frequency Response:?????????27Hz ? 150Hz
  • Controls:????????Crossover frequency, Level, Phase, Input
  • Connections:?Line-level/LFE Input
  • Low-Frequency Transducer???????????10" (250mm) PolyPlas


Depth :?????????? 15-1/4?

Height :????????? 18?

Width (in):????? 13-1/4?

Weight (kg):?? 17.7 kg.

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