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CCVT Integrated Amplifier

CCVT Integrated Amplifier
CVT3030MKII, CVT3030as and CVT3030a
AMC CVT3030as is CVT3030a with Tube Sockets designed into the circuit.
The past few years has seen a growing interest in valve amplifiers from music lovers all around the world. This has been partly due to the clinical harsh sound of some CD players, which can often sound smoother and more musical when played through a valve amplifier. And another key issue is due to Class A amplifiers offer no cross-over distorsions that make music sound sweet, smooth and clean.

Until the CVT 3030's, valve amplifiers have been very expensive and therefore only available to a privileged number of audiophiles. High prices have been due to limited production and the fact that most models are expensively engineered. To add pride of ownership which is great if you can afford the luxury. The CVT 3030's, for the first time, brings valve quality sound within the budget of almost every music lover. Designed by Peter Bath in the UK, a renowned audio engineer and manufactured by the IEEE Group, this remarkable component is the world's most competitively priced valve amplifier. This has only been achieved by using the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing techniques available.

The AMC CVT3030MKII has been designed to give superb sound quality and represents outstanding value for money.

The CVT3030MKII is a hybrid MOS-FET Valve design, capable of giving superb sound reproduction.

The superb sound reproduction has been created by AMC proprietary designed Class A, extream high dynamic range and excellent noise floor with Cold Cathod amplification topologies.

The AMC proprietary designed Class A hybrid MOS-FET amplification topologies are accomplished as following : a. Designed with 1000V MOS-FET using exactly the same as Classical Valve (MOS-FET Valve based on majority current the same as Classical Valve ) class A amplifications in order to create excellent dynamic range at the same time very accuate and reliable with long life that Classical Valve can't not achieve. b. MOS-FET Valve Topology will be able to be desined to more accuate in order to have much better sound than Classical Valve as FET Valve has much more consistant and accurate characteristics. c. MOS-FET Valve can keep the same superb sound quality throughout the much longer life. Classical Valve will keep changing charateristic for worse and worse sound repoduction through the relative short life. d. The hybrid MOS-FET Valve use output stage with Classical Valve in order to make the Class A amplifier lower lower cost for making AMC Class A amplifiers can be affordable for all music lover to enjoy instead of only for rich people. With Classical Valve as output atage to take high temperature without huge heatsink in order o cost down. At the same time, it will be ok for output stage to change characteristics as output stage only take care of power portion of Class A amplifier. So, the topology can have much lower cost and much longer life for Classical Valve. e. So, AMC hybrid MOS-FET valve design can achieve superb sound quality, much longer life time and with much lower price.

The CVT 3030as features 4 EL34 valves, 3 massive transformers, 2 silent fans, gold plated inputs for Phono, Tape, DAT, CD, Tuner, Video, AUX, large high quality gold plated speaker binding posts, and all housed in a substantial metal chassis, weighing almost 12 Kgs.

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